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Personal attention

We learn your travel preferences and find new ways to improve your travel experience.

Streamlined online systems

Customized, real-time online booking saves time and effort, while staying compliant.

  • Personal Travel Profile

    What: We keep a detailed record of your travel preferences and ensure they align with your company’s travel policy.

    Why: Travel Specialists proactively find benefits and alert you to travel options based on your profile preferences to ensure a great travel experience.

  • Optimized Online Booking

    What: Seamlessly plan, book, and complete your travel with our intuitive, mobile-friendly online booking system with real-time access.

    Why: Have all necessary information and the ability to make changes at your fingertips.

  • Unused Ticket Tracking

    What: We track your unused tickets and find opportunities to re-use them.

    Why: Shows fiscal responsibility.

24/7 support

A call or email away, expert Travel Specialist are standing by to help every phase of your travel including unforeseen   travel issues, big and small.

Insider information

Morrison Travel Specialists add insight with experience, plus a deep network of domestic and international travel connections.

  • Concierge Services

    What: Need to get re-routed today to avoid El Niño? No problem. Want to make sure your room in Reykjavík has strong WiFi? We’ll take care of added amenities, upgrades, and emergency calls, 24/7.

    Why: On-call assistance for the details that matter.

  • Leisure Travel

    What: Ready to take a break? Let Morrison help you. We offer exclusive leisure travel support, with agents who specialize in cruises and adventure travel.

    Why: Rely on the people who know your travel preferences to plan the perfect getaway.

  • Special Event Services

    What: Hosting a corporate event? Use Morrison expertise to plan an event with wow factor. From finding the perfect venue to coordinating all travel details, our Travel Specialists will make your event a success.

    Why: Create unique and exceptional experiences that are sure to impress.

Real-time updates
Top travel apps elevated by Morrison, keeping our travelers aware and on track.

Stay safe and informed
A variety of apps and services that give you an extra edge when you travel.

  • Expenses Tools

    We work with many of the industry’s leading expense management tool providers to find the right solution for your company’s needs. Ask us about these technology partners: Certify, Chrome River, Databasics, Expensify, and Nexonia, among others.

    What: Snap a photo and that’s it! Receipts and expenses are quickly and easily recorded — right from the start of your business travelers’ trip.

Why: Compatible, end-to-end solution for management of your team’s full trip lifecycle.

    See how Nexonia integrates with Amadeus tools:

    Call Morrison to learn more.

  • CheckMyTrip App

    What: Real-time itinerary updates. Travel Managers can access and manage your traveler’s itineraries, along with destination information.

    Why: Information that keeps travelers informed and on track.

    See how CheckMyTrip integrates with Amadeus tools:


  • Trip Lingo App

    What: Did you know that the 2nd largest travel expense is roaming cellular charges? TripLingo’s wifi dialer eliminates that expense completely. Other perks of this mobile app include language translation and cultural guidance on etiquette and customs.

    Why: Travelers can stay within budget, productive, and savvy.

    Find out how Morrison makes the most of this app:

    Call Morrison to learn more.

  • SafeToGo App

    What: Dangerous weather approaching? Airline strike or possibly traveling into an area of unrest? As a Travel Manager, the safety of your employees is a top priority. This app makes sure your team is well-monitored, particularly in areas or situations of unrest.

    Why: Peace of mind, helps keep your team safe and stay informed of your travelers’ status real time.

    Find out how Morrison makes the most of this app: